Ship Management

Ship Management

We offer full ship management for general/dry cargo and container vessels.

The ships are provided with full technical support and practical advice from our shore-based management team. All services are performed according to existing rules and regulations.

We have technical office in Bergen, Norway and Schoonhoven, Netherlands.

Technical management                                                                    • Crewing
– Daily operation                                                                                          – Crew selection
– Technical support                                                                                      – Wages
– Dry docking service                                                                                   – Certification and endorsements

Safety and quality management                                                    • Purchasing
– ISM                                                                                                               – Spares and stores
– Other applicable regulations

• Accounting                                                                                           • Corporate and Finance
– Vessel accounting                                                                                       – Project finance
– Ship owner accounting                                                                              – Market analysis

• Registration                                                                                        • Insurance and claims
– Registration of ship                                                                                    – H&M
– Registration of ship owning company                                                    – P&I
– Change of flag, name and/or owner                                                        – War risk

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For ship management, please contact

Mr. Håvard Våge
Managing director
Tel: +47 90 64 63 41

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